Residential Solar Installation in Crediton

Solar panels in Crediton

Our first GSE In-Roof Installation undertaken for a family in Crediton. The main house already had seven solar panels which had been on-roof mounted by another company.

The customer wished to upgrade their system, with the inclusion of eight panels to the garage (an east-west split as no south facing roof was available), the addition of a new hybrid inverter and battery storage.

The customer chose to use GSE In-Roof as the panels were to be added to a single storey building and wished to minimise the visual impact of the new panels.

The customer now has a total of 5.7kW of solar panels, with a 5kW inverter and 10kW of batteries.

Our customer has fed back to us that with the use of timers and eco-settings on household appliances, they are now largely off-grid for up to eight months of the year.

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